Thursday, 7th June - 14.40 to 15.50

Our new hosted roundtable format provides an ideal platform for debate around really hot topics where everyone's ideas and opinions are importat and formative to the discussion. The DCD>Enterprise | Shanghai discussions aim to bring together data center operators, energy providers, technologists and government to find new ways of collaboration for a more sustainable future.

Hosted Roundtables – 60 mins 

Table 1: Invest in China: How can international IDC service providers do business in China? What are the challenges and considerations? How can you avoid policy risk for foreign capital entering the Chinese data center market? How best can you find your strategy partners in China?

Led by: Teddy Miller, 451 Research

Xingguo Wang, Pingan Technology

Xiangqian Li, NTT Communication

Jmallen Justin, Silk Road Telecommunication

Zhongrui Kuang, YCY Cloud


Table 2: How can you take advantage of the new data center development policies in the prosperous regions in China?            

- Discuss the future of data center development in the prosperous regions from the perspective of government policy, tax, energy and resources planning and etc.

Led by: Zhuling Zheng, Shanghai Jianke Building Energy Service Co., Ltd

Fang Zong, China IEN Capital Group

Deqiang Sheng, Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning&Design Institute

Yueqiong Zhang, Shanghai Wailianfa Business Consultation Limited Company


Table 3: A: From a traditional project investment to a new real estate investment, what will it bring to the data center finance algorithms? B: How to get the capital / fund? C: How to build up the risk evaluation standard system?

Led by: Mark Cai, Haitong Unitrust International Leasing Co., Ltd

Ziqian Song, Athub

Xueran Jiang, BIH


Table 4: How to find the low price and high-quality data centers in China? How do you create your own unique value? How can IDC construction and service providers find the optimal profit model? How can you balance PUE and electricity pricing? Defining the appropriate power supply strategy for your hyperscale data center construction.

Led by: Bo Yang, Dr. Peng

Zhikun Zhong, China Telecom Shanghai Branch

Huiming Lin, Silk Road Telecommunication

Jimmy Wang, Rittal

Zhenyong Hu, Gosun

Runsheng Li, Cloud VSP


Table 5: What are the challenges and bottlenecks for quickly delivering hyperscale data centers? What solutions are available? What role can modular technologies play? How will it make data center construction smarter? Why is commissioning so important? How can you put commissioning into practice at each stage of a data center project - from pre-design to post-handover?

Led by: Cong Ding, Shanghai Posts &Telecommunications Designing Consulting Institute Co, Ltd

Wei Shen, Shanghai Posts&Telecommunications Designing Consulting Institute Co, Ltd

Xiaoying Mou, Dalian Wanda

Willy Xu, Wangsu

Zhaohui Meng, Travel Sky

Haifeng Wang, Athub

Dahong Zhang, Senior Data Center Expert

Linfeng Zhang, State Grid Information and Telecommunication Branch


Table 6: How do enterprises address hybrid IT challenges? How to manage complexity in today’s Hybrid IT environments?

Hosted by Jad Jebara, Tuangru


Table 7: Cooling technology revolution – A: New VS tranditional, what are the challenges? any new technologies? B: What will liquid immersion cooling bring to the data center? Can it replace conventional air cooling methods for greater server and data center density?

Led by: Zhigang Luo, China Academy of Building Research            

Larry Zhang, JD

Chongqiu Deng, Senior Data Center Expert

Shuiwang Liu, Alibaba

Feddy Lan, 3M

Yangfan Zhong, Alibaba

Sheila Shi, Munters