June 07 2018

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Indirect evaporative cooling - innovative and energy efficient data center cooling solution

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What’s next for data center cooling? – The challenges and opportunities of immersion cooling

  • Feddy Lan, 3M Electronic Markets Materials Division
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Data Center as Digital Real Estate Investment - Challenges and Opportunities

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Strong support of hyperscale data center for traditional business and cloud computing

  • Peng Gu, Centrin Data Systems Co., Ltd
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Hosted Roundtables

  • Bo Yang , Dr.Peng Shanghai branch
  • Chongqiu Deng, China Data Center Industry Alliance
  • Cong Ding, Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Design Consulting and Research Institute Co., Ltd
  • And 8 more
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All datacenter markets are not created equally: How China stacks up against the US, and what markets in the US matter

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Panel discussion: How will blockchain transform data center infrastructure resiliency and ensure security?

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Round-up Panel: Ready or not, the era of digital transformation is here. What are you doing about it?

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Break Outs

Hosted Roundtables

14:40 - Roundtable #1 :Invest in China: How can international IDC service providers do business in China? What are the challenges and considerations? How can you avoid policy risk for foreign capital entering the Chinese data center market? How best can you find

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14:40 - Roundtable #2: How can you take advantage of the new data center development policies in the prosperous regions in China?

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14:40 - Roundtable #3: A: From a tranditional project investment to a new real estate investment, what will it bring to the data center finance algorithms? B: How to get the capital / fund? C: How to build up the risk evalutation standard system?

  • Mark Cai, Haitong Unitrust International Leasing Co., Ltd
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14:40 - Roundtable #4: How to find the low price and high-quality data centers in China? How do you create your own unique value? How can IDC construction and service providers find the optimal profit model? Defining the appropriate power supply strategy for you

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14:40 - Roundtable #5:What are the challenges and bottlenecks for quickly delivering hyperscale data centers? What solutions are available? What role can modular technologies play? How will it make data center construction smarter? Why is commissioning so importa

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14:40 - Roundtable #6: How do enterprises address hybrid IT challenges? How to manage complexity in today’s Hybrid IT environments?

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14:40 - Roundtable #7: Cooling technology revolution – A: New VS tranditional, what are the challenges? any new technologies? B: What will liquid immersion cooling bring to the data center? Can it replace conventional air cooling methods for greater server and da

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Innovation Stage

Brunch briefings

10:40 - VIP Brunch Briefing – Intelligent data needs intelligent power

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Lunch Briefing

13:10 - Lunch Briefing – Commscope next generation cabling innovation solutions towards to 40G/100G

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Executive Roundtables


10:40 - Workshop –Beyond the data centre - the commercial building

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