Datacenter in the Cloud and at the Edge

Manish Gokhale , Director - Business Development, Schneider Electric

Trends around ‘Digitization’, ‘Mobility’ and ‘Connected everywhere’ are driving demand for more data. This data gets processed and stored in Datacenters making them Critical for Enterprises and Customers. A while back there was a projection that large Cloud Datacenters will be panacea and will help solve all the issues around Datacenter deployments and making Architectures simpler. However, over time, Users and Datacenter experts have come to realise that issues around Latency, Bandwidth and regulations would drive a complex Datacenter ecosystem. Large Cloud Datacenters, Medium sized Regional Datacenters as well as Local Edge Datacenters are all going to exist and grow. This end to end ecosystem of Datacenters, right from Cloud to the Edge is throwing up new challenges. Manish Gokhale would share some of the challenges being faced in  wide ecosystem of Datacenters and what could be some Innovative ways to address some of those challenges.