Kfir Godrich

MD, Global Head, Technology

Kfir Godrich is a Managing Director and the Head of Technology for BlackRock Inc. Kfir has over 20 years of international expertise in providing strategic mission critical consulting services. He has been actively advising to C-level executives globally on pioneering Data Centers, Cloud Computing & Big Data strategies and High Performance Computing for dozens of Fortune 500 companies.
Kfir was CTO for HP Technology Services (a $13BB business unit), HP CFS and EYP MCF. His expertise lies in IT strategy, mission-critical and complex systems applications. His R&D leadership is aligned with principles of “innovation by example” being developer of patents in the fields of converged IT, Data Centers and renewables. Kfir is a Senior Member and a reviewer of several IEEE transactions. He is a frequent presenter at industry events worldwide and has published numerous technical papers.