Nuttanai Anantarumporn

Managing Director
Interlink Telecom Public Co. Ltd.

Entrepreneurial Executive who diversify business from hardware provider to become service provider, Starting as General Manager of Interlink Communication PCL focus on driving trading cabling hardware business then diversify business to Service Provider by owning ASEAN Fiber Optic Network across Thailand and nearby countries within his 3yrs of  working with the company and became Managing Director of The Whole Group. Interlink also diversify its business into Data Center by building the first data center to be a data center in Thailand start from ground. The infrastructure for Data Center is compiled to Tier 3 standard with and upgradable to Tier 4 by adding more equipment. Interlink also add more value to its data center by provide cloud services to the market which base on the customer solution basis. By combining all strength together made Interlink become the data center provider and cloud provider that own its reliable fiber optic network nationwide and connecting to international on 400Gbps basis which lead to more data storage and usage for the customer and ready for world of internet of thing and other applications.