Olivier Klein

Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services

Olivier has been working for Amazon Web Services across Asia-Pacific and Europe with a strong focus on building resilient, scalable, secure and cost effective application architectures. Together with various incubators and accelerators, he actively assisted startups to adopt a lean and agile concept to build platforms that align revenue model with their IT infrastructure spending, effectively reducing waste and disrupting how product development has been executed over the past decades. Entrepreneurial agility is driven through quick iterations of lean and quantifiable developments in Olivier’s beliefs, the reason he has worked with key customers and partners to build intelligent analytics platforms using industry best practices to repeatedly streamline service usage, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Prior to his AWS time, Olivier was responsible to run the digital product strategy for an educational book publisher across Asia and he actively lead key development efforts in building a virtualised web service platform for a Luxembourgish Internet Service Provider.