Hosted Roundtables – 60 mins

Anna Golubova, Head of APAC Sales and Strategy, IXcellerate Cong Ding, Data Center Industry Manager, Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Design Consulting and Research Institute Co., Ltd Dan Chen, MEC Project Manager in 5G Innovation Center, , Network Technology Research Institute (NRTI) of China Unicom Gengsheng Jia, Deputy General Manager , Travel Sky Birun Linfeng Zhang, Director of infrastructure , State Grid Information and Telecommunication Branch Lingjun Kong , Deputy Director , National Meteorological Information Center (NMIC) Rick Abrahamsson, Senior Director, Investments and Sales, Node Pole Taurus Luo , Chairman & CEO , Byte Cloud Network (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

Hosted Roundtables – 60 mins close door

Table 1: How can you take advantage of the data center development policies and regulations in the prosperous regions in China? - Discuss the future of data center development in the prosperous regions from the perspectives of government policy, tax and resources.

Led by: Feng Guo, China Institute of Electronics

Participants: Yuxin Jiang, Beijing ZongHengWangLian Data Technology

Mike Ma, Beijing Red Cloud Technology

Kevin Sun, Chayora

Amy Zhou, GDS

Wei Huang, SDS


Table 2: Why is the Nordics the best way to expanding into Europe?

Led by: Feng Wang, Business Sweden

Hosted by Rick Abrahamsson, Node Pole

Participants: Nan Kang, China Unicom

Yan Liang, GDS

TBC, Zhong Yun Xin

TBC, Chindata


Table 3:  Data center capacity plan and management: How can you make sure your data center strategy stays ahead of organization expansion needs as well as being prepared for sudden peak requirements that have the potential to overwhelm current systems?

Led by: Cong Ding, China Data Center Designer Technical Committee

Participants: Fang Zong, China Commerce Wealth Fund

Wei Zhang, Pioneer Data

Limei Sun, China Mobile

Ying Dai, JinFu Key Cloud

Xinfang Wang, LeanCloud


Table 4: How can data center operators capitalize on the opportunities of digital transformation and increase their revenue streams? What are some other growth opportunities that data center service providers can create to support end users in their data center modernization roadmaps? How can IDC service providers find the optimal profit model?

Led by: Lingjun Kong, National Meteorological Information Center

Participants: Linfeng Zhang, State Grid

Anna Golubova, IXcellerate

Lianghua Xiao, China Life Insurance


Table 5: How to effectively combine the change of data center investment environment with the change of customer needs and accelerating the industrial development? How to effectively combine the change of data center investment environment with the change of customer needs and accelerating the industrial development? Learn how to reduce cost, maximize efficiencies and effectiveness across all data center operations, how to better combine data center technology with business development.

Led by: Taurus Luo, Byte Cloud Network  

Participants: John Chen, S Capital

Vivian Chen, S Capital

Dina Nurkaeva, IXcellerate

Haifeng Qu, Data Center Expert  

Robinson Wang, Athub


Table 6: Edge computing in the age of hyperscale - How will it impact the future of data center and cloud architecture design? What is most critical issues in the industry over the next year to move to edge? How are current providers modifying strategies to accommodate needs of end users?

Led by: Dan Chen, China Unicom

Participants: Liang Gen, China Mobile

Guangxiang Peng, State Grid Info & Telecom Group

Jimmy Wang, Rittal


Table 7: Why is commissioning so important? How can you put commissioning into practice at each stage of a data center project - from pre-design to post-handover?

Led by: Gengsheng Jia, Travel Sky Birun

Participants: Harry Shen, Chayora

Dongzhao Yuan, China Mobile


Tabel 8: Data center operation in the AI Era: how to manage your infrastructure in a safer and highly efficient way?  

Led by: Guanghong Zhang, ICEA

Host: Ligong Zhou, Raritan