Nan Kang

General Manager of Operations and Maintenance Service Department
China Unicom Cloud Data Company ltd

Nan Kang, General manager of operations and maintenance service department of China Unicom CloudData Company ltd. .Ggraduate's degree in economics at graduate school of The Party school of Central Committee of C.P.C, and senior engineer. Expert advisory board member at original SaaS in China.Standing director and expert committee of China data center industry alliance, CTO, a member of the working group at ODCA, expert committee at CCPPF of Ministry of industry and Information Technology of P.R.C., Vice President of data center at CCSA, expert committee at Jiangsu information service industry base,expert committee at Hohhot cloud computing industry advisory group, expert committee at Chinese Institute of Electronics, expert committee at Beijing institutre of electronics.   expert committee at MDC Club, expert committee at China Association for Enginefor Engine Construction Standardization.  A staff writer of CCIDCOM paper, Communications world weekly, China's information industry network CNII, and In recent years, He has joined in more than ten items of research,planning, and standard subject project. He has published dozens of academic articles in Industry publication, and compiled the book Data center systems engineering and application and the book DC operations and maintenance higher -ups ,DC infrastracture maintenance procedures.