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7th Annual Show: At a Glance

750+ DC, IT & Cloud professionals 750+ DC, IT & Cloud professionals
5+ Awards Categories 5+ Awards Categories
25+ Indonesian & International Speakers 25+ Indonesian & International Speakers
30+ Boundary pushing Sponsors and Exhibitors 30+ Boundary pushing Sponsors and Exhibitors

Why DCD>Jakarta 2019?

Created for Indonesia  > First China, then India, now Indonesia is on the cusp of reaching a level of tech-based evolution that will drive business and Government forward, increase prosperity and alter the balance of tech power in South East Asia and beyond. DCD understands how data center markets evolve step-by-step based on demands of business and citizens and on the yoking of technology and skills. 

Answers to Urgent Questions > What will the technological leap forward mean for Indonesian businesses, Government, citizens as well as for the data centers, cloud and colo providers, IT services and system architects who will make it possible?        

Outcome-focused > DCD Indonesia 2019 will identify and bring to life the business opportunities and the challenges that new technologies and innovations are already bringing, for in-house data centers, cloud and colocation, and their clients in Indonesia. Delegates will be able to rely on local and international expertise to consider and inform strategies to prepare for the new, digitalized world and to ensure the choice of the right data infrastructure to ensure competitive advantage.

Bigger!  > 14 sessions of powerful & thought-provoking presentations, 6 interactive roundtable discussions, 4 compelling panel sessions & debates, DCD Indonesian Awards Commendations

We will be addressing three key clusters of questions:

What will "Digital Transformation" really mean? 

With DX already impacting Indonesian commerce and infrastructure in new and radical ways, and wireless offering the potential to unify Indonesia’s dispersed population, we look at how technologies might evolve, for example from IoT/analytics to AI and machine learning, blockchain, realities from augmented to virtual, Edge computing ... What will these mean for doing business and running Government? What data infrastructure will be required to drive digitalisation? And how will this all shape the coming generations of customers?

How to arrive at the best mix of In-house, Colo, Cloud & more (& how to keep it that way)?    

It is an accepted wisdom that you optimize your IT work by choosing different environments for different purposes. But the technologies and the choices keep coming - hybrid IT, multi-cloud, interconnectivity .... How should the right decisions be made and then made to work? How to measure & manage & justify each building block?

How to extend the useful life of your data centers? 

What role do the armada of local in-house captive and enterprise data centers have to play in the era of cloud, outsourcing and now of Edge? How will the business case for in-house be made and what requirements of performance, efficiency, resilience, and scalability will this mean? 


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NEW VENUE FOR 2019 - Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta
Senayan City, Jl. Asia Afrika, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

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