Anthony Voscarides

Djibouti Data Center

 Driving Opportunity Through Creative Thinking

Anthony has over 25 years of international telecommunications experience working in various parts of the world including Australia, Greece, Cyprus, UK, Middle East and Africa.

Before founding the Djibouti Data Center, Anthony founded and managed a number of Technology Companies and worked closely with core team members to create innovative opportunities, revenue growth and profitability metrics. Anthony sustained business partnerships across cultural and geographical diversity with an emphasis in value creation in local ecosystems.

With direct immersion into the complex process of deregulation of telecommunications markets in many countries, and more recently Africa and the Middle east, Anthony played a prominent role with government, national incumbents and new operators from different perspectives gaining unique insights and expertise.

Anthony’s unique expertise evolved from working in these different markets for the entire business cycle: from a concept to a viable business ecosystem.  This included testing viability, business planning, funding, team building, leading edge technology selection among other things.

Anthony has electrical engineering background and a commercial pilot license among other specialties.

 Areas of Expertise;

·         Leadership roles including CEO to Chairman

·         Regulatory Strategy – market evolution and best practices

·         Technology Innovation – deep understanding of technology and its potential

·         Data center build-out with technology selection

·         International Fiber Deployment Strategies – national broadband expertise

·         Strategic Product Development – through market analysis and specific expertise

·         Marketing Products, Companies, Concepts

·         Market Development Strategies

Highlights of Recent Successful Projects:

·         Lead build-out PRIMUS UK Flagship Data Center

·         Founded OTEnet Telecom – 1st Licensed Operator in Cyprus

·         Founded the Djibouti Data Center SARL

Other Highlights:

·         President Telecoms Association Cyprus (2003-2006)

·         Involved in advising governments on matter of strategic telecom governance

·         Participated in Specialist Think Tanks

·         Keynote speakers and participant in various international forums