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Plenary Keynote - Shanghai, head up for a world-class information infrastructure benchmark city,

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Morning Coffee Break


Fluoride immersion cooling technology in the cloud era

  • Feddy Lan, 3M Electronic Markets Materials Division
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Best practice in the application of the edge computing data center

How to evaluate the operation and maintenance capability of data center infrastructure Interpretation of CQC8302-2018 certification technical specification

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Selection, design and installation of diesel generators in data center projects

How to design and operate a data center agile enough to meet growing and unpredictable business needs while still meeting TCO and ROI targets?

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Data centers go green with Kohler Power Technology

Leveraging Chiller Technology to break the PUE Barrier

Practice of Energy Management and Operation and Maintenance Standards in Overseas Data Centers


Lunch, Networking, Expo & Innovation Stage


Big Discussion: How can data centers transition from a focus on energy efficiency to a focus on sustainability?

  • Dennis Zhou, GDS
  • Guoxin Xu, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute
  • Jiang Hu, Beijing Tianrun New Energy Investment Co., Ltd.
  • And 2 more
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Enterprise Data Center Helps Smart Manufacturing Industry Upgrade

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Floating water cooling data center park


How the enterprise digital transformation will transform and challenge the data infrastructure

What can we learn from hyperscale data center management?


Speech from the Shanghai Government


DCD China Elite Member Club Kick Off


Lucky draw, Drinks Reception, Networking

Break Outs

Business Briefings

12:00 - VIP Luncheon hosted by Commscope

12:30 - VIP Luncheon, How top tier data center can help companies improve their resources and achieve digital transformation

  • Kai Bao, Shanghai Data Solution (SDS)
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15:00 - DCD>Shanghai Event Press Conference

Hosted Roundtables

14:15 - Application Practice of Magnetic Suspension Chiller in Data Center

14:15 - Domestic and international perspective: large-scale data center construction to meet scale, speed and reliability

14:15 - Exploration and Practice of Data Center Innovation Energy Efficiency Technology Based on PUE<1.3

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14:15 - The impact of the Graded Protection of Information Security 2.0 on the data center industry

14:15 - What kind of critical infrastructure can guarantee the high reliability, high security and high maintainability requirements of the financial data center

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Innovation Stage

10:30 - Steadily marching towards 400G to meet the era of hyper-scale data centers

10:45 - Modular data center solution

11:00 - Available for sponsor

12:55 - Best Practice: Diesel Rotary UPS System

13:10 - The Missing Link in Data Center Security: Mitigating Physical Intrusion

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13:25 - Micro-module integration solution

13:40 - UNEP Energy efficient data centers initiative

13:55 - Available for sponsor