David Wang

Infrastructure integration Architect

David Wang joined Alibaba in March 2018, responsible for establishing an architecture that integrates and optimizes data center infrastructure design/operation and IT equipment design/operation with a goal to optimize cloud services availability and TCO.

Prior to joining Alibaba, David worked for Microsoft responsible for identifying inefficiencies in cloud infrastructure and improving and optimizing data center design/operation and IT equipment design/operation to meet araciality and TCO goals.

Prior to the stint at Microsoft, David spent 20 years at Teradata overseeing the IT hardware design and architecture, specifically the hardware and software aspects that are related to reliability operation within data center environments of various quality and standards. During his tenure at Teradata, David visited more than 300 data centers in more than a dozen countries in Asia, Europe, and Americas with first-hand knowledge and experience in how IT equipment reacts and operates in various data centers, and how design and operations can impact service availability and TCO.

Since 2007, David has been an active member of the data center industry working with like- minded global professionals to promote and improve data center resource usage efficiency and to help companies achieve their business goals as well as meet their social responsibilities. He co-authored two white papers under The Green Grid Association – White Paper # 61 “Space Usage Effectiveness” and White Paper # 68 “The Performance Indicator”.