Guoxin Xu

Data Center Deputy Director
China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute

Mr. Xu graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University in 2010 with a Ph.D. in Engineering. He worked in the Planning and Research Department of the Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI) and was seconded to the New Energy Department of the National Energy Administration for daily management of the renewable energy industry. Since 2015, he has worked in China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI), he is a senior engineer, and now serves as Data Center deputy director of the information department. Mr. Xu is the consultant of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association Household Photovoltaic Professional Committee, and the member of the Guangdong Carbon Pratt Expert Committee. Mr. Xu has long been engaged in research on renewable energy subsidy policy, price policy, and green power certificate trading policy. He has also participated in the 13th Five-Year Energy Planning, Power Planning and Renewable Energy Planning research and has participated in the drafting of a number of renewable energy policy documents.

His main work results are as follows:

  • Participated in the drafting of China's green power certificate trading system "Notice of the National Energy Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the National Development and Reform Commission on the trial of renewable energy green power certificate issuance and voluntary subscription transaction system" (Development and Energy (2017) No. 132), mainly responsible for China's green Power certificate issuance and trading platform development and operation
  • Participated in the topic "Research on Voluntary Subscription Trading Mechanism of China's Green Power Certificate" won the second prize of the 2016 Energy Energy Science Research Outstanding Achievements of the National Energy Administration
    Long-term commitment to the National Energy Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, renewable energy industry related policy research work, participated in the drafting of the "National Energy Administration on the establishment of monitoring and early warning mechanisms to promote the sustainable development of the wind power industry" (National Energy New Energy [2016 〕 No. 196), "Guiding Opinions of the National Energy Administration on Establishing a Target Guidance System for Renewable Energy Development and Utilization" (Guoneng Xinneng [2016] No. 54), and the National Energy Administration on the implementation of information management for renewable energy power generation projects Notice" (Guo Neng Xin Neng [2015] No. 358), "Notice of the National Energy Administration on Establishing a Market Environment Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism to Guide the Healthy and Orderly Development of the Photovoltaic Industry" (Guoneng Fa Xinneng [2017] No. 79) Policy document
  • Participate in the drafting of the 13th Five-Year Renewable Energy Plan
  • Participate in wind power and photovoltaic power generation price policy formulation
  • To undertake the audit of the Ministry of Finance's renewable energy tariff attached list
  • To undertake the information management of the national renewable energy industry, and to build, operate and manage the
  • information management platform for national renewable energy power generation projects.
  • Responsible for the technical review of the national wind power annual development plan and photovoltaic annual construction implementation plan
  • Presided over the preparation and release of the National PV Leading Base Operation Monitoring Monthly Report