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13th Annual Show: At a Glance

1500+ DC, IT & Cloud professionals 1500+ DC, IT & Cloud professionals
50+ Sponsors & Exhibitors 50+ Sponsors & Exhibitors
60+ Thought leaders speakers 60+ Thought leaders speakers
10 APAC Awards 10 APAC Awards

About This Conference

As one of the world’s pre-eminent data center hub cities, Singapore needs to move quickly through the gears of technological and business transformation in support of the international focus of its commercial and investment activity.

This event welcomes both local and overseas senior-level business executives along with the technology and engineering decision-makers accountable for designing, building, managing and operating the full infrastructure ecosystem centered on Singapore.  This year the conference will explore:

·         preparation for digital transformation as a major source of demand for processing, network and storage resources, and analysis of the technologies and processes which will help manage that demand,

·         the optimisation and resourcing of mixed on-prem, colo/outsourced and (multi-) cloud IT delivery strategies,

·         the modernisation of existing infrastructure and increasing its ROI,

·         we will also examine the business of data centers and the financial and legislative structures that support it and what this means to Singapore in 2019.

Key Themes

Modernization & Lifecycle Management

Modernization & Lifecycle Management

Modernizing & simplifying your IT infrastructure
Future-proofing | Reducing TCO | Legacy system efficiency

Digital Transformation, Edge & AI-Ready

Digital Transformation, Edge & AI-Ready

Powering ICT the smart way
Business Drivers | Connectivity | Performance

DCD>Boardroom: Developing APAC Hybrid IT strategies

DCD>Boardroom: Developing APAC Hybrid IT strategies

Agility | Scalability | Cost Reduction

Building at Scale and Speed

Building at Scale and Speed

Exploring greenfield design, construction techniques and supply chain challenges

Energy Smart Infrastructure

Energy Smart Infrastructure

Designing and operating hi-efficiency, hi-reliability and hi-density mission critical environments

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