Morgan Rasan

Programme Director, APAC
IASA Asia Pacific

Morgan, has more than 28 years of consulting experience with various government and commercial
sector customers. With his unique knowledge of Enterprise Content Management, Knowledge
Management (KM) and Business Process and numerous years of working with end users from various
industries and organisations, Morgan brings to the customers’ years of operational business
experience and cutting edge methodologies that have been refined over the years of practice.
With his thorough knowledge of various KM and Business Process software, Morgan has been able to
bring much value to the customers’ business process redesign initiatives. His complete understanding
of the process and empathy for the business and operations has been pivotal to customers’ leveraging
on IT to address their business concerns.
The ground level working experience has instilled in him the practical aspect of an IT Architecture
approach in deployment and has given him first-hand experience of problems that might be
encountered while doing such a deployment, especially when IT Architecture is very little understood
by the community and has to be employed to successfully embark on an IT initiative. This learning
experience has been translated into best practices that can be shared with the customer, so that many
potentially painful implementation errors can be avoided. Morgan has been a lead consultant for
numerous projects and advises on many others. Apart from IT he still plays an active role in designing,
delivering and advising on physical security plans and matters to the Singapore Police Force apart from
the management and business process/workflow related projects. The actual work involved
understanding the business process of various departments and their current document
categorization principles, streamlining these processes and documenting these findings.
Apart from the above-mentioned major customers, Morgan has also worked with various others like
UBS (Singapore & Hong Kong), Fortis Bank, General Motors, AVIVA, 3M, Fuji Xerox, to name a few
and many others. These engagements mainly involved in providing Consultancy and Design for
Business Process and Document Management framework, classification set-up recommendations,
taxonomy consulting, Knowledge Management Framework and Business Process Re-engineering. The
common thread among all these engagements was a user-centric approach in solving the customers’
unique business issues. Morgan is also a TOGAF 9.1 Certified by the Open Group.
In addition, Morgan has also undertaken the following 3 (three) large Enterprise Architecture
implementations that are part of ATD Consulting team i.e. Malaysia Digital Economy
Corporation (, National Heart Institute ( as
well as Employment & Employability Institute ( )