Edge in an era of Digital Transformation - Focus seminar

Edge in an era of Digital Transformation - Focus seminar

Thursday August 23, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:30pm

“Edge” is one of the hottest topics for the Australian data infrastructure sector and it is in the process of enabling the development of more robust distributed architectures for a number of different industry verticals. Data-hungry gadgets and demanding users are forcing us to change how we build our information networks. The edge is already being built while we are still defining it, and planning how to use it.

Everyone agrees the edge is where it’s happening. All the big shifts, from Smart Cities, to autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Everything, depend on fast networks tied closely to real-time sensors, intelligent devices and greedy end users. 

“It’s where the rubber meets the road,” said DCD’s EVP, North America, Bruce Taylor, when opening the Edge summit at DCD>Colo+Cloud in Dallas in September 2017. But gathered experts there made it clear that the actual shape of the edge is still being determined - even while it is being built and delivered.

No single definition of the edge can cover all the use cases it will need to meet. For instance, some argue that, since it will require data storage and processing being delivered in multiple identical autonomous units, all the edge needs is small containerized data centers that can be installed at locations including cell towers, shared office buildings and malls. Others view Edge as a form of application based on how it is used, not on the technology deployed. Under this definition an existing data centers can become Edge facilities when they switch from hosting old-school enterprise software to hosting a webscale firm’s end-user applications. And it is certain that as needs evolve and technologies evolve to meet them, so the Edge will become increasingly diverse.

Edge focus seminar > in an era of Digital transformation

Edge is already changing the architecture of IT delivery for over 75% of Australian companies according to DCD’s January 2018 APAC study. This half-day seminar will be held on the morning of Thursday, 23rd August before the start of DCD Australia to share practical insights, experiences, case studies and analyses of decision-making as well as recommendations as to best practice, with an invited audience to help give some shape and direction to the elusive Edge.

The half-day seminar is designed for senior executives and engineering/technology professionals from the full-stack data center and cloud end-user eco-system community who are looking to better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by building data center capacity at the edge designed to deliver digital transformation and competitive advantage. It is suited for personnel and organisations that have yet to start on this process as well as those who have already gone some way in doing so. The seminar will be a valuable source of information, learning and discussion for companies and individuals who require to learn more about the latest trends in edge computing. 

Topics to be tackled by our experts include:

  • Getting Ready for the Edge: What is Edge Computing and why is it a key tool of IT Transformation in many industry verticals?
  • Delivering the Edge: The world of 5G and the new telecoms edge, and building out a new generation of micro-datacenters.
  • Safety at the Edge: Edge creates a considerable ‘attack surface’ – what does this mean for security and availability protocols? How is the move to the edge reshaping our definition of mission critical?
  • Key Trends and Best Practices in Edge Data Center Environments
    • How to support connectivity, security and power in Edge data centers
    • Unique considerations for bandwidth, latency and interconnection
    • Variations of security and power requirements for locally positioned Edge data centers. 

If you are interested in attending this focus day, please apply by registering for the main conference and requesting to attend by ticking the Edge Focus Day box. Seats are limited, so hurry!

Nick Parfitt - Lead Analyst, APAC


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