Hosted Roundtables

Hosted Roundtables

Friday, August 24th - 12.00 to 13:00

Our new hosted roundtable format provides an ideal platform for debate around really hot topics where everyone's ideas and opinions are important and formative to the discussion. The DCD>Australia discussions aim to bring together data center operators, energy providers, technologists and government to find new and interactive ways of collaboration for a more sustainable future.

5 dynamic discussions by subject-matter experts at the cutting edge of operations and delivery, 8-10 participants per table share insights and exchange knowledge with their peers on a number of key topics.

Roundtable 1) Sustainability and energy efficiency – have we done all we realistically can?
Roundtable 2) Legislative scenarios and the impact of GDPR
Roundtable 3) National report card - 5G, NBN
Roundtable 4) New trends in cooling and heat management
Roundtable 5) The evolution of the smart data center

The hosted roundtables are by registration only and have limited availability. To express your interest in attending any of the above sessions, please email and