Bessam Moutragi

Chief Commercial Officer

Bessam Moutragi, is currently Chief Commercial Officer at Borri S.p.A., an Italian manufacturer of Industrial and Critical Power UPS’s,  with over €100M in sales and 300 employees.  

After graduating in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the USA, he has had most of his career in Uninterruptible Power Supply. He started in microelectronics in Silicon Valley but then quickly moved to Power where he spent over 8 years in a Saudi Industrial Power Company first as a Sales Director, later as General Manager. In 1988 he joined a Swedish multinational Battery and Power Electronics Company based in Cyprus as Sales Director for the Middle East.

He then spent 22 years as a partner and group CEO of a Swiss UPS manufacturer building up the international network and business with over €40M in sales and 200 employees. The company was sold in 2014 afterwards joining Borri as CCO.”