Hosted Roundtables

Hosted Roundtables

Tuesday, June 26th from 3.00pm to 4.00pm

New for 2018 in San Francisco, our hosted roundtable format provides an ideal platform for debate around really hot topics where everyone's ideas and opinions are important and formative to the discussion. The DCD>Webscale discussions aim to bring together data center operators, consulting engineers, and technologists to find new ways of collaboration for a more sustainable future.


Led by end users, 10 participants per table share insights with their senior executive peer group on the topics listed below


  1. Renewable energy for data centers – feasibility and measuring success

    Hosted by Ryan Murphy, Mission Critical Manager, MTU Onsite Energy


    2: With so many data center cooling options it is hard to know what solution to use. Can you comment on some of the pros and cons of some of the more commonly applied cooling strategies?

    Hosted by Keith Dunnavant, VP Data Centers, Munters


    3: Where’s my edge and do I need a data center there? In a container or in a colo?

    Led by Rob Nash Boulden, Director, Data Centers, Black & Veatch


    4: It’s time to get serious about embedding data center/cyber security into design - a patch and fix strategy is not a strategy!

    Led by Henry M Wong, VP, Cyber Security Ecosystem, Axiado


    5: The cost of cloud: An honest dialogue of the cost of cloud vs. owner-operator/lease-operator TCO

    Hosted by Delta Technologies


    6: Capacity planning and how to take the crystal ball out of forecasting costs

    Led by Eyal Itskovich, Manager, Business Operations, LinkedIn


    7: How light on reliability can you be in pursuit of the lowest possible TCO?


    8: Lifting and shifting to cloud platforms – how to get physical with virtual

    Led by Rani Gomez, Technical Program Director, GIS Data Center, Lam Research


    9: What are the technical challenges of expanding edge networks closer to end-users?  What works today?  What technologies are evolving?

    Led by Dan Lunderville, Manager, GCS Labs, Palo Alto Networks; Hosted by Herb Villa, Sr. IT Solutions Engineer, Rittal North America


    10: The big five have AI for data center performance and monitoring cracked. How do the little guys get on board?

    Led by Jathin Ullal, Infrastructure Architect, Saygo