Open Compute Project Engineering Workshop

Open Compute Project Engineering Workshop

Wednesday, November 8th from 11:40am to 5:30pm

The European engineering workshop will be collocated with DCD>Zettastructure and is open to infrastructure professionals from Europe's major enterprises and IT service providers. The OCP Project was formed to assist with the adoption of open hardware and software. These Engineering Workshops are designed to encourage, empower, and inspire the OCP community to communicate, collaborate and contribute! 

All registrations for the OCP Engineering Workshop will be have full access to DCD>Zettastructure and vice versa. 

Open Compute Project Engineering Workshop


The OCP Engineering Workshops are working sessions that are meant to be technical in nature and are designed to allow the OCP Project Communities to come together to work on the goals and set the direction of each project as it supports the mission and vision of the OCP Foundation. These Engineering Workshops are designed to encourage, empower, and inspire the OCP community to communicate, collaborate and contribute!

AGENDA OVERVIEW -  8 NOVEMBER 11.40am-5.30pm

PLENARY KEYNOTES - (Plenary/Hall 1, Gallery Level 2)

11.40-12.00: Plenary Keynote: Intro to Open Compute Project (OCP) in EMEA

What is OCP? How do you collaborate with the OCP Community? How can you consume OCP gear?  How can you contribute to the OCP Foundation?

Steve Helvie, VP Sales Channels, OCP John Laban, European Representative, OCP

12.00-12.20: Plenary Keynote: Global cloud platform innovations at scale

Cloud computing is growing at an exponential pace with an increasing number of workloads being hosted in Microsoft’s Azure global cloud infrastructure. Designing and operating such large infrastructures requires not only significant investments in datacenters, servers, networking and operating systems, but also investments to drive higher efficiency and lower overall TCO for emerging workloads such as AI/ML. This talk will provide an update on Project Olympus, Microsoft’s OCP contributions, and the future infrastructure innovations.  

Kushagra Vaid, GM & Distinguished Engineer, Azure Infrastructure,  Microsoft

12.20-12.40: Plenary Keynote: Implementing OCP strategy - a hyperscaler’s Story

In this session we will hear from Yahoo! JAPAN and their adoption of OCP products including details about the challenges they’ve faced along the way, the business value they’ve achieved, and their ideas for future enhancements.

Masaharu Miyamoto, Technical Server Engineer, YJ America (Yahoo! JAPAN)

12.40-13.25: Plenary Panel: “Great software shines even brighter with great hardware underneath” - software’s role in an open hardware ecosystem

Moderator: John Laban, European Representative, OCP

Badriddine Khessib, Director of Platform Engineering GroupMicrosoft

Andrew Alleman, CTO, Radisys

Badriddine Khessib, Director of Platform Engineering Group, Microsoft

Greg McCulloch, CEO, Aegis Data

Jason Rylands, Director, Data Center and Open Compute, Rittal

13.25-14.45: Lunch Break & Solution Stages on the Expo Floor

14.45-17.30: OCP Engineering Workshops: Datacenter Project (Room S1, Gallery Level 2)

Lead by: Robert Bunger, Schneider Electric (OCP Project Leader)

  • Colocation Guidelines for Deploying OCP Racks - Mark Dansie, Inflectiontech
  • Efficiency Modeling of OCP Datacenter - James Rix, Romonet
  • Microsoft Project Olympus Update on v1.0 - Mark Shaw, Microsoft
  • Project Cerberus - Open Sourced Industry Standard for Platform Security - Badriddine Khessib, Microsoft
  • Colocation OCP Assessment Guide - Keith Sullivan, CS Squared & Rob Bunger, Schneider Electric
  • Open Discussion & New Projects - Rob Bunger, Schneider Electric

If you are interested in attending the Open Compute Project Engineering Workshop, please tick the box when registering for DCD>Zettastructure here!