John Goodacre

Director, Technology and Systems

Prof. John Goodacre holds a Professorship in Computer Architectures in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester while also being the Director of Technology and Systems in the Research Group at ARM Ltd and is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Kaleao Limited. His career has included the realisation of the first scalable commodity telephony platform, the introduction of the first real-time collaboration tools shipped in Microsoft Exchange 2000, while more recently, was responsible for the design and introduction of the ARM MPCore multicore processor and associated technologies. His roles today extend across both academic and industrial research topic, focused around web-scale servers, exascale efficient systems and ubiquitous computing, while also driving forwards the technological vision for the Kaleao systems roadmap. This gives him a unique hardware and software background with experience from embedded to the largest of big data and HPC systems. He sits on various advisory boards at both national and european level and is a frequent conference speaker.