Kushagra Vaid

General Manager - Azure Cloud Hardware Engineering

Kushagra Vaid is the general manager and distinguished engineer for Hardware Infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure division. He is accountable for the architecture and design of compute and storage platforms, which are the foundation for Microsoft’s global cloud-scale services. He and his team have successfully delivered four generations of hyperscale cloud hardware that have been deployed at massive scale across a global fleet of datacenters hosting a diverse set of workloads such as public cloud (Microsoft Azure), machine learning, internet search (Bing), big data analytics, cloud gaming (Xbox Live) and online productivity (Office 365). These hyperscale system designs have been fully open sourced and contributed to the Open Compute Project (OCP). Vaid is an active participant in OCP and has influenced several aspects of OCP policy and system specifications. He has published several papers for international research conferences and holds over 30 patents in the field of computer architecture and datacenter design.

Before joining Microsoft, he was a principal engineer at Intel, where his responsibilities included driving the technology direction for Intel’s Xeon microprocessors and platforms. He started his career as a CPU design engineer and architected enterprise-class CPUs and platforms for over a decade at Intel.