Madhavi Reddy

Head of UK&I

Madhavi Reddy (Maddy) leads the Presales function Fujitsu in UK&I. Her team specialises in complex solution sales that supports technology enabled business transformations and addresses the most pressing strategic priorities for corporate clients.  It’s an exciting role, wherein Maddy’s team uses emerging and established technologies to shape solutions that directly affect her clients’ balance sheets and position in the market.

Maddy developed a love for technology when she started programming on punch cards, at the age of 13, in India. She completed her degree in Electronics and an MBA before joining the Indian IT industry in 1992. Her first role was in Fintech at Citicorp’s offshore unit in Mumbai, which led her to leadership roles in technology sales in Citibank, JPMorgan, Andersen, Unisys, HPE and now Fujitsu. In her many roles, Maddy has managed technical and sales teams in many countries including India, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Malaysia, Thailand, Luxembourg, UK, Malta and Japan.
Maddy moved to UK in 2003 and into the world Public Sector technology transformations. Tony Blair had launched his Modernisation Agenda and it was an intensely exciting period to work in IT in Britain. She has contributed to solutions that dramatically improved service levels and advanced capabilities in Local Government, Policing, Intelligence Services, Defence, Home Office and in the private sector.