Mark Howell

Global IT Facilities Planning & Engineering
Ford Motor Company

Mark has worked in IT for all of his working life, he has worked in applications development and IT infrastructure in both technical and management roles. Mark has worked for a diverse group of businesses including Manufacturing, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Stock Broking, Charity Sector, Local Government and IT Outsourcing. Mark joined Ford’s Accelerated Solutions Centre in 2001, since that time he has held a number of key roles. 2006 to 2013 Mark was responsible for the operation of Ford’s European data centre facilities. Additionally, during the period 2009 to 2011 Mark was a key member of Ford’s data center consolidation program.   2013 to 2015 Mark was responsible for process improvement for Ford’s IT Facilities globally. Since 2015 Mark has been responsible for IT Facilities Planning and Engineering for Europe Middle East & Asia, he is a key member of  Ford’s IT Facilities Strategy, Planning and Engineering team. In May, Mark became a member of Ford’s cross-functional Corporate Technical Specialist group, Mark is recognised as the IT Facilities Technical Expert.

Mark is passionate about standardisation, modularisation, re-sizing and reducing the cost of IT infrastructure whilst ensuring it meets the availability needs of the business. This year, Mark the has constructed two modular data centers one located in Cologne, Germany and the other located in Pretoria, South Africa. Ford is also constructing two new enterprise data centers in North America and smaller facilities around the world